(WHTM) – The Philadelphia Eagles weren’t the original team in Philadelphia, it was the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

Before Bert Bell decided to create the Philadelphia Eagles, the Yellow Jackets were playing in the National Football League since 1924 and even winning the 1926 NFL Championship.

The Yellow Jackets were thriving until the Great Depression when two fires damaged their stadium resulting in them going bankrupt.

In 1933, Bert Bell and Lud Wray bought the Yellow Jackets.

Instead of sticking with the Frankford name, they decided to use Philadelphia.

Bell’s wife lent him money to purchase the football team due to the fact she saw potential in the sport.

The only order of business to take care of is the nickname and Bell wasn’t keeping Yellow Jackets.

Bell allegedly saw a billboard that had the New Deal National Recovery Act emblem which was an eagle.

The Eagles would switch owners as Bell and Art Rooney would become the new owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Alexis Thompson would now own the Philadelphia Eagles.

Since 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles are 616-630-27 in the regular season with a 25-25 playoff record.

The Eagles won three NFL Championships (1948, 1949, and 1960) and have one Superbowl win (2017) with four Superbowl appearances.

The Eagles all-time leader in passing is Donovan McNabb who threw for 32,873 yards and 216 touchdowns. The all-time leading rusher for the Eagles is LeSean McCoy who ran for 6,792 yards and 44 touchdowns. Harold Carmichael is the Eagles all-time receiving leader with 8,978 yards and 79 touchdowns.

The Philadelphia Eagles winningest coach is Andy Reid with a record of 130-93-1.