Cael Sanderson Reacts to Penn State’s First Day at NCAAs

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Penn State coach Cael Sanderson reacts to his team’s performance on the first day of the NCAA Wrestling Tournament in the video above.

Penn State has six wrestlers in the quarterfinals.

Full First Day results are as follows courtesy of Penn State Athletics:


133: #10 Roman Bravo-Young, Fr.


Rd. 1: #23 Mario Guillen, Ohio – W, 8-2 dec.

Rd. 2: #7 Austin DeSanto, Iowa – L, 2-7 dec.

Cn. 2: tomorrow


Bravo-Young took on No. 23 Mario Guillen in Penn State’s first match of the tournament and Bravo-Young’s first-ever NCAA tournament bout.  Bravo-Young fought off an early Guillen shot and spent the rest of the first period in neutral to go to the second stanza tied 0-0.  The Lion freshman chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead.  Guillen then took the Lion down, Bravo-Young escaped and the match was tied 2-2 at the 1:20 mark. Bravo-Young took a 4-2 lead with a takedown at the 0:46 mark and finished on top to carry that lead into the third period. Gillen chose neutral to start the third period and Bravo-Young was able to withstand a solid Guillen effort as the clock moved below 0:30.  The Lion then iced the bout with a takedown and two near fall points to post the 8-2 win



141: #3 Nick Lee, So.


Rd. 1: #30 Nate Limmex, Purdue – WBF (3:38)

Rd. 2: #19 Sa’Derian Perry, Old Dominion – WBF (3:42)

Qtrs: tomorrow


Lee met No. 30 Nate Limmex of Purdue in his first bout.  Lee notched his first takedown seconds into the bout and took an early 2-1 lead.  He added one more takedown to lead 4-1 with 1:34 in riding time after one period.  Lee chose down to start the second period and quickly reversed Limmex to take a 6-2 lead.  He then worked the Boilermaker over to his back and planted his shoulders for the pin at the 3:38 mark.




149: #12 Brady Berge, Fr.


Rd. 1: #21 Khristian Olivas, Fresno State – W, 6-3 dec.

Rd. 2: #5 Matt Kolodzik, Princeton – L, 5-8 dec.

Cn. 2: tomorrow


Berge battled No. 21 Khristian Olivas of Fresno State in his first-ever NCAA Championship match-up. Berge took an early 2-0 lead with a swift takedown at the 1:35 mark.  He cut Olivas loose and then quickly took the Bulldog down again to lead 4-1 with 0:55 on the clock.  Olivas managed an escape and Berge led 4-2 with 1:11 riding time after one.  The Lion freshman chose down to start the second and quickly escaped to a 5-2 lead.  The score held for the second stanza.  Olivas, trailing 5-2, chose down to start the third period but Berge controlled him from the top position, working his riding time edge up near 2:00 before the Bulldog escaped to a 5-3 score.  Berge controlled the action from neutral for the third period and, with 1:47 in riding time, posted the strong 6-3 win.




157: #1 Jason Nolf, Sr.


Rd. 1: #33 Ben Anderson, Duke – WBF (0:47)

Rd. 2: #16 John Van Brill, Rutgers – W, 19-4 (TF; 6:47)

Qtrs: tomorrow


Nolf met No. 33 Ben Anderson of Duke in the first round. The Lion senior wasted no time, taking Anderson down quickly for an early 2-0 lead.  He adjusted his position, locked up a cradle, and began his final NCAA tournament with a fast fall, getting the pin at the 0:43 mark.




165: #2 Vincenzo Joseph, Jr.


Rd. 1: #31 Evan Delong, Clarion – WBF (2:57)

Rd. 2: #18 Connor Flynn, Missouri – W, 8-4 dec.

Qtrs: tomorrow


Joseph took on No. 31 Evan Delong of Clarion. Wrestling in his hometown, the Pittsburgh native took a quick 2-0 lead with a fast takedown in the center circle.  He then worked Delong over to his back for four near fall points and led 6-0 midway through the period.  The Lion junior continued to control Delong and locked up a tilt as the clock wound down.  Joseph finished off the move, getting the fall at the 2:57 mark.




174: #1 Mark Hall, Jr.


Rd. 1: #33 Devin Kane, North Carolina – W, 10-2 maj. dec.

Rd. 2: #16 Brandon Womack, Cornell – W, 8-3 dec.

Qtrs: tomorrow


Hall faced off against No. 33 Devin Kane of North Carolina in the first round. Hall quickly took Kane down for an early 2-0 lead.  He spent the rest of the first period in control and led 2-0 with 2:21 in riding time after the opening period.  The Lion junior chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 3-0 lead.  He notched another takedown and led 5-0 midway through the period. Hall finished the second period on top and led 5-0 with a clinched riding time point (3:34) after two. Kane chose neutral to start the third period and Hall quickly rolled him to the mat for a takedown and a 7-1 lead.  He added another takedown to up his lead to 9-2.  The Lion added on a riding time point with a 4:28 edge and rolled to the 10-2 major decision.




184: #2 Shakur Rasheed, Sr.


Rd. 1: #31 Kevin Parker, Princeton – W, 11-2 maj. dec.

Rd. 2: #15 Chip Ness, North Carolina – L, 5-8 dec.

Cn. 2: tomorrow


Rasheed battled No. 31 Kevin Parker of Princeton in the first round. Rasheed wasted no time taking Parker down, using a low single to open up an early 2-0 lead.  Rasheed built up over 1:00 in time before turning Parker for two back points. Parker countered with a quick reversal that Rasheed reversed himself and the Lion led 6-2 after a wild scramble. Rasheed carried that lead into the second period and chose down to start it.  He quickly reversed Parker to up his lead to 8-2 with over 4:00 in riding time. The Lion controlled the action on top for the remainder of the period.  Parker, down 8-2, chose top to start the third period but Rasheed notched his fourth reversal of the match to open up a 10-2 lead.  Another Rasheed rideout gave the Lion a dominating 11-2 major decision with a whopping 6:00 in riding time.



197: #1 Bo Nickal, Sr.


Rd. 1: #32 Ethan Laird, Rider – WBF (2:34)

Rd. 2: #16 Josh Hokit, Fresno State – WBF (2:27)

Qtrs: tomorrow


Nickal met No. 32 Ethan Laird of Rider in his first round match-up. Nickal controlled the action from the start.  The Lion notched two quick takedowns, turning Laird for four back points after the second takedown to lead 8-1 midway through the opening stanza. The Lion senior then readjusted his position, locked up a cradle and got the fall at the 2:34 mark, ending the match in the first period.



285: #2 Anthony Cassar, Sr. (2nd seed)


Rd. 1: #31 Antonio Pelusi, Franklin & Marshall – WBF (4:20)

Rd. 2: #15 Tate Orndorff, Utah Valley – W, 10-2 maj. dec.

Qtrs: tomorrow


Cassar met No. 31 Antonio Pelusi of Franklin & Marshall in his first-ever NCAA Championship tournament bout. Cassar battled Pelusi evenly for over a minute, taking a couple of shots that the Diplomat was able to step back from.  The Lion senior could not break through Pelusi’s defense until the final seconds. After forcing Pelusi into a first stall warning, Cassar roared through a high shot at the Diplomat’s waist and notched the takedown with just 0:01 on the clock.  Leading 2-0, Cassar chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 3-0 lead.  The Lion then notched his second takedown to lead 5-0 midway through the second period.  Cassar then muscled Pelusi’s shoulders over, turning the Diplomat to his back to get the fall at the 4:20 mark.

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