STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ)– Trace McSorely, Jahan Dotson and Saquon Barkley all have things in common. Aside from all playing for Penn State football, all three have had a song named after them by now Penn State alum Matt Freiler, also known as Matty Fresh.

The music of Matty Fresh is known throughout Nittany Nation. In fact, after Penn State’s Rose Bowl victory last year, the rapper was right there at the team hotel, where he wasn’t treated like a stranger.

“A lot of the players in the team hotel were busting on me like where’s my song, who’s going to get it next year,” Freiler said. “A lot of the guys are just really cool and going up to them and introducing myself and them being like oh we know who you are. To me, as a little kid, I couldn’t even imagine.”

Freiler grew up in the Pottsville area of Pennsylvania. There he was inspired by Mac Miller at a young age to start making music.

“Just a lot of free styling on the playground and playing a lot of sports growing up,” Freiler said. “You know I can’t say I was born with a lot of instruments in my hand.”

Years later, after switching colleges multiple times, Freiler found his way to Penn State, his favorite school growing up. In 2017 he released his first Penn State song titled “Saquon Barkley.”

The song started getting recognition around the tailgate lots on gamedays and even played in Beaver Stadium. However, it would really set him up for his big hit titled “Trace McSorely.” The song currently has over seven million views on YouTube and even more on TikTok.

“He capitalized that by getting in the game against the Steelers about a month and a half after it goes viral,” Freiler said. “Then it kind of reignites that. We had sort of a viral internet sensation going on.”

Songs about Aaron Rodgers and Jahann Dotson followed. But on his way back from Pasadena he decided he wanted to focus on a more team-oriented song.

“Just got the idea on the flight home that maybe this upcoming squad was going to need a song, and it wasn’t ever going to be about one guy on this team,” Freiler said. “This is a solid unit, and I could never single out one guy.”

His latest song, titled “Nittany Nation,” highlights almost a dozen players on this year’s team and the popular T-formation used on offense. It comes as Freiler says he is planning on making more songs and content about the Nittany Lions, XFL and really just about anything.

“All I want to do is just continue to create and hopefully be able to do it for a living one day,” Freiler said. “Just to get strong enough to where I can have a fanbase, maybe go on tour and start doing fun things and continue to grow the fans.”

But first, he’s preparing for what he predicts is going to be an unforgettable Penn State football season, on the back of quarterback Drew Allar.

“Well it’s in the song,” Freiler said. “If they can’t stop 15, we might go 15 and 0.”