UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa (WTAJ) — First-time head basketball coach Micah Shrewsberry came to Penn State this season from Purdue. It was his second stint with the Boilermakers and both end-capped his tenure in the NBA.

After working with Brad Stevens at Butler, Stevens brought Shrewsberry to the Boston Celtics when Boston hired him in 2013. The modus operandi or M.O. on Stevens, and by proxy Shrewsberry, was a knack for developing young talent.

The drafting of, and development of guys like Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum and even Terry Rozier made Boston one of the favorites in the NBA for a handful of years. Micah Shrewsberry was on that staff and helped develop those players. He believes that toolset will be valuable at Penn State.

“There is a huge emphasis on player development, which is what we did in the NBA and what I tried to bring us here,” he said Tuesday. “Even through practice time, taking time to grow guys individually, because if you’re getting better individually our team’s getting better at the same time.”

Developing, and melding together Penn State’s team will be a priority. Penn State rebuilt its team through the transfer portal this summer and is not one of the oldest in the country.