UNIVERSITY PARK (Nittany Nation) — Penn State football’s ten passing plays of 10+ yards ranks dead last in the Big Ten, and 123rd in the nation. Coach James Franklin has addressed the struggle weekly, but is adamant he will not force anything.

“We would not do that. We would never do that,” he said. “We’ve never thought about doing that as a head coach, as an offensive coordinator, as a receivers coach. I coached the receivers. I didn’t want them to do that. So no, no. Strong. No.”

Tuesday, coach Franklin had a nearly 2-minute back-and-forth with a reporter who asked about dialing up deep passes and forcing them for the sake of simply throwing them. While the reporter alluded to concepts like 50-50 balls, and leading receivers open, coach Franklin seemingly interpreted the question differently leading to the viral exchange.

“You’re speaking Japanese, Like, like we have never done that,” he said. “Just throw the ball up and maybe he’ll be open and maybe he’ll catch, like, my skin is like. Like I’m like you making me uncomfortable.”

Penn State’s lack of explosion has been a point of concern. Franklin has credited defenses for taking away down field passing, but the issue isn’t limited to throws. The Nittany Lions haven’t created long rushing plays either and the team’s 12 total plays of 20+ yards ranks dead last in FBS football.