Duquesne will crack down on its security at basketball games for the foreseeable future after Wednesday’s unusual prank involving an Uber Eats delivery driver.

During Duquesne’s game against Loyola Chicago, the driver—who was wearing a yellow jacket—strolled on the court and stood only feet away from Loyola Chicago's Philip Alston seeking to drop off some food from McDonald’s.

The game was briefly paused before the man began walking around the plaza level, seeking to find the person who ordered the food. The university issued a statement on Thursday, saying that the act from the man was a “prank” that was “planned in advance and done for internet exposure.” However, the program plans to tighten its security measures to ensure the safety of its players and fans.

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“We determined that the individual was wearing a mic while someone filmed him as he walked on to the court during active play,” the statement read. “While the incident may have seemed funny at the time, and no harm was done, we are mindful that incidents like this can put players and officials at risk.”

At the conclusion of the game, Austin Hansen—Loyola’s assistant athletic director—determined that the incident was a prank based on the number of students using their phones to film the driver.

While it will go down as one of the most bizarre moments in the college basketball season, the safety of fans and players remains the priority.