Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder had a rough first half vs. the Jaguars in London on Sunday.

Atlanta’s drives ended in a punt, punt, punt, interception touchdown, interception and one final punt before halftime.

The pick-six resulted in a 61-yard touchdown by Jacksonville’s Darious Williams to put the Jaguars up 17–0 before the half. After that, the Falcons immediately got the ball back and Ridder threw another interception on his next throw. 

Sunday’s game in London also marked the first time Disney+ hosted a simulcast of the game with a Toy Story theme. The streaming service broadcasted the game in full animation as if the players were toys in Andy’s room in the classic Pixar movie franchise.

Here’s what Ridder’s pick-six looked like on the Toy Story broadcast, for example.

So, it was only fitting that fans used a few Toy Story memes to poke fun at Ridder’s brutal start on Sunday.