When you’re hosting an hour-long live sports show on television you’re probably hoping the one thing you really need - your voice - will be there for you for all 60 minutes. 

And if it’s not, well, that’s a nightmare situation. 

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, who’s easily one of the best in the game, had that very problem Wednesday during his nightly SportsCenter, as his voice was very far from 100 percent. There’s nowhere to hide in that situation so Van Pelt, being the pro that he is, powered through the hour and didn’t shy away from mentioning the elephant in the room: 

He made another mention of it later in the show: 

And then after the show he offered an apology, which wasn’t necessary but again, he’s a pro’s pro and this is another example of that: 

Hopefully he’s feeling better soon. And if not, take tonight off, Scott!