Prior to Thursday night’s game between the 49ers and Giants, former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick interviewed San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy about the matchup, which turned quickly into a special moment between Purdy and his childhood hero.

Fitzpatrick facetimed Hall of Fame Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, who Purdy idolized growing up thanks to his dad’s fandom of Marino in Miami. 

“Congratulations on a couple good starts,” Marino began.

Purdy was thankful for Marino’s words.

“Yes sir, I appreciate it. It’s an honor, man,” Purdy replied. “My dad, I mean, he loved you growing up. I [wear] 13 and everything because of you, man, so I appreciate it.” 

“I appreciate that, and tell your dad he’s a smart guy,” Marino quipped back with a laugh. 

Purdy then shared a story about his birth date.

“I think actually, the day I was born, you guys were playing the Jets…December 27. 1999. My dad always said I got to see you play the day I was born.”

After Fitzpatrick joked that Marino probably threw a couple touchdowns that day, the Dolphins Hall of Famer didn’t miss a beat.  

“I got to look it up but I bet you I had at least three,” he said with a laugh.

By the time the conversation ended, Purdy was clearly in shock of speaking with an icon who has meant so much to him.

“That’s crazy,” he said with a smile.

It is possible to be as famous as Brock Purdy, rapidly rising to stardom as a quarterback of one of the best teams in the NFL, and still be totally star-struck. It was certainly a cool moment ahead of Thursday night’s win for the 49ers, a game in which Purdy threw for 310 yards and two touchdowns as San Francisco improved to 3–0 on the season.