Hypothesizing about the NBA’s seemingly never-ending cycle of player movement is one of the most thrilling aspects about the league. However, the latest hypothetical floated by longtime basketball writer Bill Simmons about Draymond GreenLeBron James and the Mavericks may just prove to be wildest theory in recent memory.

Speaking on the latest edition of The Bill Simmons Podcast, Simmons offered up what he called a “half-baked” prediction for Green’s playing future, suggesting that the Warriors forward may turn down his player option with Golden State for the 2023–24 season and make way for Dallas to play alongside Kyrie Irving and Luka Dončíć. 

But Simmons didn’t stop there. He continued and said he could see James pursuing an opportunity with the Mavericks in the twilight of his playing career.

“I think he ends up in Dallas,” Simmons said of Green. “With Kyrie and with Luka and then LeBron tries to figure out a way to get there eventually... I don’t know, I’m just feeling a Dallas scent. There’s some Dallas stuff that feels ‘scenty’ to me.”

Simmons went on to quickly clarify that he believes Bronny James’s impending college commitment decision will have a significant impact on what LeBron might choose to do or not do in the coming months. Bronny, currently a high school senior, has yet to decide his playing future, but has reportedly been connected to schools such as Ohio State, USC and Oregon.

“If [Bronny] goes to somewhere outside of L.A., that’s gonna make me think ‘Hmm, I wonder if [Lebron] maybe will...’ Because LeBron’s gonna want to ring chase at some point soon. He’s not gonna end at four [rings]. He knows he needs at least five,” Simmons explained. “If he feels this Lakers thing isn’t gonna work, he’s gonna start ring-chasing.”

It’s important to note that Simmons didn’t claim to have any sources that suggested Green or James had been connected to Dallas in any way, so as of now, the hypothetical team-up is nothing but pure speculation. However, the idea of the two experienced NBA champions—who have a long history of battles on the court—somehow teaming up with a budding superstar in Dončíć is certainly an entertaining thought experiment at the very least.