Members of the Baltimore Ravens put hard feelings aside, absolving Cincinnati Bengals defender Logan Wilson from blame amidst claims of unsportsmanlike physicality in Thursday's 34-20 victory. Wilson's "hip-drop" tackle of Ravens tight end Mark Andrews was the defining play of the game for all the wrong reasons, as it ended in a season-ending injury for the Charm City playmaker. A similar Wilson tackle sent Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson to the Ravens' medical tent though he later returned to throw three touchdown passes.

Ravens fullback Parick Ricard, who has engaged in his share of blocking battles with Wilson, fought back against the idea that the linebacker was a dirty player while linebacker Patrick Queen said that banning hip-drop tackles would impact the game in a negative way.

"Everybody respects him. I don't think it was intentional or dirty," Ricard said, per Ryan Mink of the Ravens' official site. "I think he's a great player. I have respect for him and think he plays the right way. I've never had a problem with him or heard that anyone had a problem with him."

"I hate that Mark is hurt. Prayers for him," Queen added in the same report. "But at the end of the day, we play football. We play a tackling sport. I don't think a hip-drop tackle is that bad of a thing. How else do you want us to tackle? Just let the guy run past you?"

After the Thursday Night Football matchup with the Bengals, the Ravens have some time off until their next contest against a reeling Los Angeles Chargers team on Sunday Night Football. 

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