Bills offensive lineman Dion Dawkins put on a dramatic display during the fourth quarter against the Jets, performing a picture-perfect flop after some contact from New York’s Micheal Clemons

In what appeared to be a moment of frustration from the Jets defensive tackle, Clemons could be seen aggressively shoving Dawkins to the ground after a play. 

Dawkins, eager to draw the attention of the referee and a flag, wildly fell to the floor and hilariously sold the contact. All the while, Clemons appeared to be shouting at him while standing over his body. 

Clemons’s frustrations appeared to ignite after Dawkins dove on top of him at the end of the play. When Clemons got to his feet, he charged at and knocked over the offensive lineman, who put on an Oscar-worthy display after the contact. 

After getting to his feet, Dawkins boldly waved to the crowd, as if he were celebrating his acting performance. 

Unfortunately for Buffalo, Dawkins was hit with an unnecessary roughness penalty, as referees didn’t miss the 29-year-old landing on top of Clemons, despite his theatrics in the aftermath.