Colorado safety Shilo Sanders returned to practice after not playing in the team’s 48–41 loss to USC on Saturday, coach Deion Sanders announced on Tuesday.

Shilo, the middle son of the Pro Football Hall of Famer, missed Saturday’s epic Pac-12 battle due to a scary kidney injury he suffered in Colorado’s game against Oregon on Sept. 23. However, the elder Sanders told reporters that Shilo is back to his normal self after the one-week hiatus.

“Shilo’s great and he’s back on the practice field,” Sanders said. “He’s back on getting on my nerves. So he’s picking up where we left off.”

Through four games this season, Shilo has registered 26 tackles (21 of which have been solo), one forced fumble, one interception and one touchdown off an 80-yard pick-six against Colorado State.

Though Shilo returned to practice, it is unknown if he will start in Saturday’s game against Arizona State. Considering Shilo had a strong desire to play against the Trojans and Sanders stated that his son could return to the field only if he stopped urinating blood, it’s likely that he will be in the mix for the upcoming conference battle.