(WHTM) — From the football field to the family room, millions of Pennsylvanians are gathering and already celebrating Super Bowl Sunday.

“Eagles bring the championship home, bring it home!” shopper Terrell Jones of Harrisburg said.

Like every year, with the big game comes a big menu.

“Avocados are always popular, who doesn’t love some guac with chips and dip? Baked goods, lots of cupcakes going out the door,” Karn’s Vice President Andrea Karns said.

Karns Quality Foods said shoppers are ready, the story has been a revolving door since Saturday.

It’s been very steady, we anticipate through Sunday afternoon we’ll see folks continue to come on in and get ready for the big game,” Karns said.

And, there is good news. Many game-day staples are cheaper this year compared to last year.

Chicken wings are down almost two dollars a pound, pork is down two a pound, ground burgers are down I believe 30 cents a pound,” Karns said.

That means shoppers are spending less.

“Year over year, protein – those items that you put as the star of the show – we’ve seen that drop across the board,” Karns said.

But shoppers are still being careful with their cash and getting ready to eat and drink this Sunday.

A couple of my friends, we’re going in. We understand inflation so everyone’s putting a couple of dollars up to get the things we need to party with,” Jones said. “Just cold beer, that’s where it is.”