The Sports Extra Podcast gets you ready for the NFL Draft just hours ahead of the first round with NFL Insider Ross Tucker.

The central Pennsylvania native played for Wyomissing, went on to play college football for Princeton. The guard played seven seasons in the NFL for Washington, Dallas, Buffalo, New England and Cleveland. Now, the Paxtonia resident hosts multiple football podcasts out of his garage and contributes to various outlets. You can connect to the Ross Tucker Football Podcast here.


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On The Sports Extra Podcast, he breaks down what to expect from Micah Parsons (hint: Ross knew Micah would be great in high school), and what to expect from the whole NFL Draft (read: run on QB’s). You can catch our interview with Ross Tucker (23:00-40:36) and make fun of our “way too late” NFL Draft picks (40:46).

If you want a real laugh, you gotta listen to Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni in his first pre-Draft press conference (16:04).

Meet the voices behind the podcast: Allie Berube and Logan Reever. The Sports Extra Podcast is designed to bring listeners closer to the games, teams and athletes they love. The podcast will dive deeper than the hosts can go on TV.

The Sports Extra Podcast will release episodes every Thursday and will range in sports topics. The goal is to talk about national sports with a local flair. Allie & Logan plan to bring in guests each week to share their perspective on sports.

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