HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Sometimes you just throw spaghetti at a wall and see if it sticks. It’s been one of those weeks where nothing makes sense, the football season is a mess and the weather thinks it’s mid-September.

With that in mind, the Podcast debates whether Gardner Minshew should be the starting quarterback for the Eagles? If Steelers fans have any right to be optimistic? Will the Ravens stay atop the AFC North with five games left to play? Should Penn State really be in the Outback Bowl? And if Pitt is now the premiere program in Pennsylvania?


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Outback Bowl makes Penn State relevant

Does making a bowl game on New Years Day make Penn State football relevant again? Should the Nittany Lions aspire to higher?

When the regular season concluded with Penn State’s fifth loss in seven games, the bowl game projection was bleak. It looked like the Las Vegas Bowl at best, the Pinstripe Bowl at worst, and the Music City Bowl somewhere in between.

In a shocking development, Penn State makes it out with the Outback Bowl and a matchup against the SEC’s Arkansas. Does that make anyone feel better about a lackluster finish to the 2021 season? Time will tell. Kickoff is January 1 in Tampa, Florida.

Quick Hits with the podcast

Fake slides will ruin college football: Okay, it looked cool when Heisman finalist Kenny Pickett faked a slide and kept running for a 55-yard touchdown in the ACC Championship win over Wake Forest. BUT… is it actually a legal play? Should it be?

Thursday night football is trash: Does anyone actually want to see the Steelers play the Vikings this week? BORING.

Supply chain is breaking Logan’s heart: …. or at least his diet.

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