The Sports Extra Podcast would not be possible without Dave Shiner because he is responsible for plugging in all the cords and getting the team on the air. Okay, it’s much more than cords… but the rest of the team doesn’t quite understand the technology yet.

He helped build the podcast studio with the abc27 engineering department and has taken the team to new heights.

Not only a tech guru, Shiner will join the podcast hosts Allie Berube and Logan Reever from time to time. Shiner has a wealth of Central Pennsylvania knowledge and was the only one on the team to play sports at the collegiate level.

More about Shiner

Hometown: Shiner is a lifelong Central Pennsylvania resident. He was born in Camp Hill, Hamden Township and attended Cumberland Valley. (Go Eagles!)

College: For college, Shiner took his talents to Lycoming College in Williamsport where he was a three sport athlete. He swam, played water polo and lacrosse. (He’s one of the original lax bros.)

abc27 History: Shiner credits his start at abc27 to the late Gregg Mace. The story goes that Shiner had graduated college and was looking for his first job. Papa Shiner met Gregg through a mutual friend and one thing led to another. Shiner’s resume hit the right desk and he was hired as a production assistant. The rest is history.

Now Shiner is responsible for overseeing many technical aspects of abc27’s television broadcasts. He helps our content get from the reporters to the viewers each and every day.

Fandom: Although it was hazardous to his health for many years, Shiner is a die-hard Philadelphia Sports fan. He is almost always found in a Phillies hat and could talk for hours about the Eagles (if we let him). When it comes to college, there’s only one Happy Valley in Shiner’s mind. He’s been with Penn State through the good and bad; he’ll be our go-to guy to break it down during football season on the pod.

Hobbies: When we said Shiner was the original lax bro, we meant it. Not only did he grow up playing the game, but he’s now a youth lacrosse coach in the area. If he’s ever running out of the podcast studio in a hurry, chances are he’s late to practice.

Other things you have to know: Shiner would like you to know his favorite color is green and he would rather be on a beach.

NOTE: Allie Berube wrote this bio for Shiner because he doesn’t like talking about himself.

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