Tyler Galaskas brings a wealth of sports knowledge to The Sports Extra Podcast. As a Central PA native, he’s grown up around the Midstate his entire life.

He started at the station as an intern under Gregg Mace, who helped him get his feet wet in the industry and begin his career. He’s a huge New England Patriots fan, and yes, also a Yankees fan.

“There’s a story behind it, don’t @ me.” – Tyler 

EDITORS NOTE: If you do want to @ him (which we fully support), find Tyler on Twitter here.

More about Tyler

Hometown: Tyler grew up in Carlisle and is an alumnus of the Thundering Herd. 

College: Tyler went to York College to major in Mass Communications. He graduated in 2018. 

abc27 History: Tyler started as an intern under Gregg Mace. He credits Gregg for helping him get his feet wet and understand what it takes to be in the industry. He was hired as a production assistant in his senior year of college and has transitioned to the digital team in the last year. 

Fandom: Alright, here’s the story. Tyler grew up idolizing Tom Brady, which led him to be a crazy Patriots fan. The Patriots will probably end up leading to Tyler’s overall demise. Now, he also is a Yankees fan for baseball. Keep reading before you make any judgments, he’s already heard it all. Tyler had a friend in elementary school who was a huge Yankees fan. That was the first time he’d ever gotten into baseball, and ultimately the Yankees were the only team he knew. So the Yankees became his favorite team, and that’s how we arrived here today. No bandwagons on this team. 

Hobbies: Tyler is a sports nerd and a tech nerd. He enjoys playing video games in his free time, and chances are, you probably can’t beat him at Rocket League. He also enjoys doing video work for different sporting events. He also enjoys throwing some dollars down on red 18 in roulette. 

Other things you have to know: Tyler loves to travel, and already has some places lined up for later this year after he and many others are fully vaccinated.  

“I don’t talk much, but maybe sometimes”

Tyler Galaskas, introducing Tyler Galaskas

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