Allie Berube has wanted to start a podcast at abc27 since she got to Central Pennsylvania. Somehow she finally convinced some ridiculously talented coworkers to go along with her crazy idea (hence The Sports Extra Podcast).

In Allie’s time at abc27, she’s tried to shine a light on women and girls in sports with her Like a Girl series. Her passion for sports goes beyond the statistics as she always wants to know the story behind the game.

Allie hopes the podcast lets the abc27 team explore those stories. She’s not 100 percent sure what the team is going to talk about, but she can’t wait to bring in some amazing guests and get their whole life stories.

More about Allie

Hometown: Allie was born and raised in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC. If you’ve ever seen a tv show about suburban America, that should give you a good idea.

Sports: In high school, Allie played soccer and field hockey. Her playing days didn’t last long though, as she realized she could write about sports way better than she could play them. By senior year, she was an editor of the yearbook and newspaper. She never looked back.

College: A proud Syracuse alum (can’t believe she didn’t mention this in her above video), Allie bleeds Orange. She spent more time working for the athletics department than she ever spent in class (sorry, mom). It was at Cuse Allie got her first taste of big time athletics, working for Jim Boeheim & men’s basketball, the 2016 National Finalist women’s basketball team and the football team that tries really hard to win games. She graduated from the Newhouse School with a degree in broadcast and digital journalism and is proud to actually use her degree every day.

Resume: Allie says her love of local tv news started with an college internship at a station in DC. She was able to cut her teeth interviewing players on the Nationals, sweating in the August sun at NFL training camps and cutting highlights for some of the best sports anchors in DC. After college, she was lucky to start her career close to home in Hagerstown, MD at our sister station WDVM.

abc27 Resume: Allie joined abc27 in June 2018 as a sports anchor reporter under longtime mentor Gregg Mace. The two actually met at Allie’s internship in DC and became fast friends. Since joining the team in Harrisburg, Allie’s role has shifted to a Sports Digital Content Creator (huh?) meaning Allie is online all the time. She loves the new role because it frees her up to do things like this podcast.

Fandom: Allie’s parents were both raised outside of Boston, so she says she was given no choice on who to root for when it came to teams: ALL Boston, all the time. Allie credits her rocket scientist (yes, really) dad for getting her into sports… it was either talk about sports at the dinner table or aeronautical engineering…

Hobbies: If Allie’s husband would let her knock down walls in their house, she would be a full-time DIY/renovation queen. For now, she settles on painting a few rooms and trying to build furniture from scratch.

Other things you have to know: If she could only eat Chick-fil-A for the rest of her life, she would die happy.

You can catch The Sports Extra Podcast presented by abc27 starting April 22nd. The team drops new episodes every Thursday. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or right here on