We already know that the 27th head coach in Hershey Bears franchise history has the best Boston accent of any coach in Chocolatetown. But what else do we know about Scott Allen?

The Sports Extra Podcast sat down with the head coach one month before the 2021-22 AHL season begins to ask about his coaching philosophy, competitive nature and his goals in his first season.

But, the podcast crew had other *more important* questions about Allen’s coffee preferences, who controls the practice playlist and how he determines intelligence on the team.


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Quick Hits with Scott Allen

What is your go-to coffee order?

Scott Allen doesn’t shy away from a good story, but he’s a man of few words on this first question. He drinks black coffee. Logan Reever goes on to ask what his worst experience is in a Dunkin Donuts (a Massachusetts staple). And like the good New Bedford man he is, Allen says he doesn’t have one.

“It’s the consistency of the brand,” Allen says of why he likes Dunkin.

Dunkin Donuts is the best: confirmed.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Growing up outside of Boston, Allen grew up a Bruins fan. But says he’s now (obviously) a Washington Capitals fan.

“You know what’s fun?” Allen asks. “Being in this game for so long, every year when it gets to the Stanley Cup, I have connections. Whether it’s former players, guys I’ve coached with, things like that. So I root more for people now.”

As far as the other big four sports, does he root for the Red Sox? Yes. How about the Celtics? Yes. What about the most successful Boston sports franchise in the past two decades: the Patriots? No.

“I grew up a Baltimore Colts,” Allen said. “When they moved, our family stayed Colts fans, so I’ve been a Colts fan my whole life.”

So the hearts of the three Patriots-fan podcast members break.

“I have a lot of friends who have had a lot of fun with the success with the Patriots through the years, but it hasn’t been so much fun [for me],” Allen said.

How does a guy from Massachusetts meet a girl from Iowa?

Allen met his wife playing junior hockey in Iowa. The pair have been married for 30 years, living around the country for Allen’s coaching career. The Allens have two daughters both in their 20’s.

“Probably honesty and just working to get along,” Allen said of the key to a long marriage. “My girls are great. [It’s been] an enjoyable ride for sure.”

Rank all of the music genres starting with the 70’s into the 2010’s

He doesn’t hesitate for one second on this question, the 70’s are the best and classic rock is his genre.

“Led Zeppelin is my number one band,” Allen said.

So does the 27th head coach in franchise history get any say over the playlist at practice?

“My relationship with Matt Moulson certainly helps because many days he is the DJ,” Allen said. “He can spin the latest greatest stuff, if you want to call it that, for the young guys. But if I’ve heard enough for a couple of days, I can walk through and say ‘okay, let’s get some classic rock going.’ He always will switch back for at least a day for me.”

How do you handle the Ivy League education of your team?

Multiple players on the Bears roster in 2020-21 are graduates or attended Ivy League schools for college, including Joe Snively (Yale) and Will Graber (Dartmouth).

“I think street smarts supersede book smarts every day of the week,” Allen saidwith a chuckle. “With that being said, I do have a ton of respect because [goalie coach] Alex Westlund on our staff is a Yale grad also. [He’s an] extremely intelligent individual.”

Logan and Allie Berube both agreed that a little trash talk with the brainiacs is not only okay, but should be encouraged..

Successful season for the Hershey Bears?

Calder Cup.

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