Coy Wire achieved his dream of playing football in the NFL, and now is carving his own path reporting sports news for CNN each morning.

The Cedar Cliff grad sat down with The Sports Extra Podcast to talk about growing up in Central Pennsylvania, his experience covering sports internationally and what would happen if Buffalo were to win a Super Bowl.

But he also sat down with the podcast crew to talk about his favorite foods, advice to a younger self and other random thoughts on this week’s edition of Quick Hits.


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Quick Hits with Coy Wire

You are a year younger than Tom Brady, can you imagine still playing?

Wire starts by clarifying he’s not just playing, but Tom Brady is BALLIN’.

“Listen to this, my goodness,” Wire starts. “I came into the NFL and he was already playing in the NFL. I played for nine years; I’ve been retired for 11 years; he’s still playing.”

Wire played nine seasons in the NFL, which is considered a long career by league standards. He says he can’t even imagine trying to play in his 40’s.

What is the best Japanese dish you’ve had?

Ramen. It is the ultimate comfort food, according to Wire.

“This is a bowl of heaven,” Wire said. “This is a bowl of heaven I wish never ended.”

His mom is half Japanese, and Wire spent much of the season in Tokyo, Japan for the Summer Olympics.

“I have my little daughter hooked on it now,” Wire continued. “She knows how to use chopsticks and she’s only three years old. She gets the noodles and they’re all over her face. It’s glorious, a glorious mess and debacle.”

If you weren’t a football player or sports broadcaster, what would you be?

“I was going to be a doctor,” Wire said. “Make no mistake about it when people say what did you major in [during] college? It was football. I was going to be an NFL football player.”

“My mom was always planting that seed and the more I thought about it I realized that you could help a lot of people by being a doctor.

Three words to describe yourself

Hungry. Happy. Confused?

“Because I can’t think of a third word,” Wire said.

If you could give advice to a younger Coy, what would it be?

“Shave your head now, so when you start to lose your hair people will think that’s the way it’s always been,” Wire said.

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