As football season begins, The Sports Extra Podcast began to wonder: who is the biggest sports fan in the abc27 office?

Who knows the third-string punter on Missouri State? Who spends their entire paycheck on moneylines and parlays every weekend? Who can tell you the weather conditions for the Eagles/Cowboys NFC Championship game in the 1980-81 season? Who owns the most memorabilia?

All these factors led up to a very scientific poll of the office to determine who is the biggest sports fan at abc27. The following people received votes.

Dan Tomaso

“A more passionate sports fan [than Dennis]? Dan Tomaso.”
Tyler Galaskas, The Sports Extra Podcast Producer

Dan consumes more sports content on a daily basis than anybody here and then he kills it with the weather coverage. He’s the reason I’m still alive, solely. It’s Dan Tomaso.”
Logan Reever, The Sports Extra Podcast Co-Host

“In the weather department, I would give it to Dan Tomaso. We are all Penn State fans. Dan and Brett [Thackara] big Philly guys, but if i had to pick between those two, I would say it’s Dan. I think he gets a little more worked up than Brett does when the Phillies lose.”
Adis Juklo, abc27 Meteorologist

(Allie’s note: Dan is probably the smartest guy we have in the office, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also the biggest sports fan….)

Brett Thackara

“I think Brett kind of fits that bill in our [weather] department. It’s always college football, it’s baseball, it’s NFL. He’s dialed in 24/7. He kind of embodies it all.”
Dan Tomaso, abc27 Meteorologist

(Allie’s note: Brett is definitely the most knowledgeable about college football… there’s no contest there.)

Dennis Owens

(Allie’s note: Follow Dennis on Twitter if you need more evidence as to how fanatical he is about sports)

Dennis Owens because he’s always watching sports, even during the newscasts. Don’t tell him I said that.”
Valerie Pritchett, abc27 Anchor

Dennis Owens (**big sigh**) I would not put it past that man to change the tv to a Thursday afternoon Phillies game if the balloon boy thing happened. You remember balloon boy? He would change balloon boy for like Phillies/Rays on an August Thursday afternoon and be deeply invested in every pitch and bad call. Plus even when I wasn’t working here, I followed Dennis on Twitter and I went to Dennis Owens for my absolutely nuclear, but absolutely correct Eagles hot takes.”
Dave Kosin, abc27 Executive Producer

“I am going to say Dennis because every time the Phillies are playing and the Eagles, he always has to have the game on. No matter if there is breaking news somewhere that we need to watch, he puts on the game.”
Michelle Murmello, abc27 Executive Producer

“The man wears his Philadelphia fan duds all the time.”
George Richards, abc27 Assignment Editor

“I think all you have to do is follow him on Twitter and you can see why. He is probably the most avid Eagles fan and Phillies fan that I know. He’s very passionate and I respect that because I’m a big passionate sports fan myself.”
Adis Juklo, abc27 Meteorologist

Dennis T. Owens, because Dennis no matter if we’re in the middle of a show or shooting the breeze after a show, it’s always sports. The man is always thinking and breathing sports, and I appreciate that.”
Dan Tomaso, abc27 Meteorologist

Ben Schad

(Allie’s note: Ben is a member of our digital team, and is responsible for writing many of the articles you read every day on He also is on our Friday Night Football team shooting highlights and writing stories every week)

“Excluding myself? I’ve only been here four months, I really shouldn’t say myself. We’ll say excluding myself until I’ve proven myself with tenure. I only work with half the staff, so it’s probably not the best barometer. I’d probably have to say Dennis.”
Ben Schad, abc27 Digital Producer

“Can go with Ben Schad? He’s someone who is not on our sports team, but really, super loves sports. Ben Schad is probably that guy.
Olivia Dangler, abc27 News Director

Sports Team

“I would say a tie between Dennis Owens and members of our sports team. The sports team because you guys cover sports, and Dennis Owens is from Philadelphia which kind of puts him in a weird category, among weird people.”
Mark Hall, abc27 Anchor & Reporter

(Allie’s note: This is just not true… Logan and I cannot be considered the biggest sports fans in the office… it’s just not possible)

Damon Turbitt

Damon: “Biggest sports fan in the office is me. I have nothing better to do with my life.”
Allie: “Who else?”
Damon: “No, I really would just say myself.”
Damon Turbitt, abc27 Sports Anchor/Reporter

Wiinner: Dennis T. Owens

Although a very good case was made for Dan Tomaso, I believe the DTO’s have it. Dennis is the biggest sports fan in the abc27 newsroom. (Allie’s note: Dan can have the title for the weather team)

In case you were wondering who the least sports-y fan is, Eric Finkenbinder received a few nods in that direction.

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