Women’s Amateur golfers weigh decisions on dads as caddies


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) Friday, all 72 original qualifiers were assigned an Augusta caddy. Another of their choosing could also come along for the round…and for many the caddy they’ve had all week: their dad. 

For the first time, the iconic white jumpsuits for Augusta National caddies display the last names of female golfers for a women’s tournament.

“It’s huge. It’s everything that women’s golf needs.”

Florida Gator Sierra Brooks’ dad–not in all white–but still paying close attention to her swing.

“Your dad’s been your caddy all week. Will he be tomorrow?”

That’s still a question that remains a question. I’m not really sure yet. That’s still a tough decision. I do really want him on the bag.”

She says her dad knows her better than anyone, but when it comes to this course, Augusta’s caddy knows best.

“With some of the breaks, it broke the opposite way and the speed he said, ‘this one’s lightning,’ and I was like ‘well, yeah we’ll see what lightning really is’ and it sure went off the green. So yeah I definitely learned a lot with him on the bag and it was surprising,” says Brooks.

And those lessons are crucial considering she is tied for third with Texas Longhorn Kaitlyn Papp.

“How long has your dad been your caddy?”

“Ever since my first tournament when I was 10 years old,” says Papp.

Has he ever missed a tournament?”

“Yes, one. Only one, yeah last summer,” replies Papp.

“Wow, he’s been your caddy all week, will he be tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure,” says Papp. “I’m leaning towards yes, but I haven’t made a 100% decision yet, but I have a feeling yes.”

Her dad is encouraging her to make the decision she feels is right

“Just think about what’s best for me and honestly, I feel like it’d be really cool to experience, for him to be on the bag since he’s been with me through the whole journey of golf,” says Papp. 

And its worked before for another Texas Longhorn. You may remember Doug Ghim. Last year was his first time playing The Masters, a senior in college. He had his dad on the bag, and he won the low amateur. 

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