Pennsylvania Senate candidates John Fetterman (D) and Mehmet Oz (R) both said during Tuesday’s debate they would support their parties’ standard-bearers if they decided to make presidential bids in 2024. 

Their answers came during a debate hosted by Nexstar, which owns The Hill, in Harrisburg, Pa., on Tuesday night.

Oz was first asked if he would support a Trump 2024 White House bid, something he initially avoided answering directly.

“I’ll support whoever the Republican Party puts up, and I have reached out across the aisle on my campaign because I want to bring balance to Washington,” Oz said.

Pressed on why the Republican candidate wouldn’t commit to supporting Trump, Oz said he would, adding, “I would support Donald Trump if he decided to run for president, but this is bigger than one candidate.”

Fetterman likewise said he would support President Biden if he made another run at the White House in two years, saying, “If he does choose to run, I would absolutely support him. But ultimately, that’s ultimately only his choice.”

The remarks are notable given that some Democrats have sought to distance themselves from Biden during the midterms amid his underwater approval ratings, key issues such as inflation taking a toll on voters and the historical precedent of the president’s party suffering losses during midterm cycles. 

But Fetterman’s remarks come less than a week after Biden made his second campaign stop in the state this year in boosting the candidate’s campaign. Biden and former President Obama will campaign for the candidate and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro (D) on Nov. 5.

Trump has also traveled to the state twice to give a boost to his candidates, including Oz.