(WHTM) – On This Week in Pennsylvania, Dennis Owens talks to former U.S. Senate candidate and author David McCormick.

McCormick, the author of Super Power in Peril, gained notoriety in Pennsylvania politics after narrowly losing the 2022 Republican U.S. Senate nomination to Mehmet Oz.

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“America is in decline economically, national security-wise, spiritually, but decline is not inevitable. Neither is renewal, so the book is about what we do,” said McCormick.

Questions have brewed in recent weeks as to whether McCormick will launch another run for Senate in 2024 when Bob Casey’s term comes up.

“Im terribly worried about the direction of the country,” said McCormick. “I want to try to find a way to serve. Not sure if running for the senate is a way to do it. We’re praying and thinking about it as a family but I’m certainly considering it.”

McCormick says the election of John Fetterman in 2022 makes the three-term Senator Casey more vulnerable should he launch another bid for the Senate.

“We have a progressive Democratic ideology that’s taking our country in the wrong direction,” said McCormick. “So I think there’s an opportunity to put forth an optimistic conservative vision for the future for 2024 and the presidency and I think that’ll help win the election.”

McCormick’s loss to Oz came after Trump endorsed the former television doctor, though the final tally came down to less than 1,000 votes.

Trump is now in his own legal fight after being indicted in New York City, something McCormick called a “partisan politicized attack.”

“We need to have a justice system that everybody believes in and everyone trusts and that they believe is gonna treat everyone fairly, and the same even a former President of the United States, and this is a blemish against that,” said McCormick.

So how would McCormick reverse that superpower in peril?

“Educate our people, confront China and secure America and ensure America remains the most exceptional country in the world. That’s what the book’s about.”

A former hedge fund CEO, McCormick served as a Treasury official in President George W. Bush’s administration and grew up in Bloomsburg. He graduated from West Point and served as an Army paratrooper.

During the 2022 primary he was endorsed by several prominent national Republicans, including Senator Ted Cruz.

On this week’s episode of This Week in Pennsylvania, Dennis Owens will also discuss if Pennsylvania schools are safe enough, after another mass shooting, this one in Tennessee. He will also talk about how Florida, Ohio, and Texas are boycotting state poultry over avian flu concerns.

Analysts Danielle Gross and Chris Nicholas will then join in on the conversation.