(WHTM) — U.S. Senator Pat Toomey is not seeking re-election and lots of candidates want his seat. A central Pennsylvania native has arguably taken the most circuitous path to the campaign trail and her name is Carla Sands.

Carla Sands is a Cumberland Valley High School graduate but has globetrotted since. A chiropractor, model and actress, she married a real estate mogul in California. When he died, she took over the company, raised money for Donald Trump, who appointed her ambassador to Denmark, and now she is running for Senate and would love Trump’s endorsement.

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“But the endorsement I really want is Pennsylvania voters. I want them to know I have their back and will fight for them every single day,” Sands said.

Plus, she vows to fight what she calls the radical Biden Harris agenda.

“We see open borders, gas up more than a dollar a gallon just since they came into office. We see cancel culture critical race theory where our kids are being indoctrinated not educated,” Sands said.

“I think Pennsylvanians are sick and tired of all the divisiveness and all the fear-mongering,” Danielle Gross, of Shelly-Lyons Communications, said.

Democrats paint Sands as a carpetbagging Trump surrogate who’s out of touch with the working class and likely to vote against their interests.

“I don’t know that she really knows what it’s like for everyday Pennsylvanians who struggle,” Gross said.

However, she does understand the culture wars and has even mentioned Christian values and critical race theory in her video and said this when asked if she, as a senator, would have voted to investigate the January 6 riots.

“Why haven’t we investigated the billions of dollars of damage and looting the deaths of over 30 people, including police officers, over the summer of 2020,” Sands asked.

Sands says in a campaign advertisement, “join me. It’s time to put Pennsylvania first.”

However, will republicans put Sands first? She is rich and accomplished and a woman which Pennsylvania has never elected to the Senate. There is a potential Hollywood ending for the former actress.

“This is about picking someone that can beat the other side and make sure we can hold the seat. That’s what it’s about. We need a winning candidate,” Sands said.

There are currently six republicans and eight democrats declared candidates for the open Senate seat and more to come.