HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Governor Tom Wolf highlighted two redistricting maps as examples of new congressional district boundaries that are free of gerrymandering and are consistent with the redistricting principles of the Pennsylvania Redistricting Advisory Council on Saturday, Jan. 15.

“Throughout the congressional redistricting process, I have publicly outlined the requirements for a fair map that I would consider signing,” Gov. Wolf said. “While the House Republican map does not comply with those basic principles, I am highlighting two maps that do.” 

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Following the House’s passage of a congressional redistricting map this week that fails to meet the redistricting principles, the governor provided his own map and highlighted a citizen-created congressional redistricting map as an example of maps he would support to move the process forward.

The first map maintains a degree of continuity with the current congressional map while making changes to comply with both the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions. This map also aligns with the principles set by the advisory council as well as the public. You can view this map, titled “The Governor’s Map,” here.

The second map represents the voices of more than 7,200 Pennsylvanians who participated in mapping contests hosted by Draw the Lines over the past three years. It draws from over 1,500 map submissions to showcase values that were important to mappers. You can view this map, titled “The Citizens Map,” here.

For weeks, the Governor said he wouldn’t get involved in the process, only outlining the criteria he was looking for.

“Days prior to his Department of State’s arbitrary deadline of getting maps done, he releases a map, just completely drops a map without any discussions with the General Assembly. So it’s more of the same from the governor. This is a take it or leave it,” Representative Seth Grove (R-York) said. “Obviously the Governor and the Democrats want the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to draw maps again, and, you know, they’re not the governor’s personal attorneys. They are an independent judicial branch. And the governor needs to stop treating them like his personal attorneys and constantly creating constitutional crises. He should come to the table, negotiate with Republicans and we can get a map done.”

In a joint statement, Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) said “By releasing his maps today, Gov. Wolf is completing the final play of his well-worn playbook of refusing to work with the Legislature on substantive issues, waiting until the clock has nearly run out, and then changing his mind and attempting to issue a unilateral ultimatum that is devoid of all sincerity of effort.

“His maps, released well past the eleventh hour, are nothing but a bill of goods designed as a public relations smokescreen meant more to cover for his administration’s own failure of effort than a true show of willingness to work together to reach a final, consensus congressional map.”

All of the citizen map submissions and public comments are available to view on the Wolf Administration’s Pennsylvania Redistricting Public Comment Portal.