(WHTM) — State Senator Doug Mastriano (R) is one of the most controversial Republicans in Pennsylvania. He questioned the 2020 election, is an unabashed supporter of Donald Trump and was in Washington D.C. on January 6. He has mostly avoided reporters but I managed to catch up with him at the State Capitol.

Yes, Doug Mastriano and his wife are mulling a run for Governor. “We haven’t made a decision yet. We’re still praying about it, and that’s not like politicians after careful consideration. No. This is really prayer and really serious prayer as to whether we should step out,” Mastriano said. “This is a life-altering decision.”

But before Mastriano can consider another election, Democrats are demanding he answer for the 2020 election. “Doug Mastriano participated in seditious behavior. He was involved in the insurrection,” State Senator Vincent Hughes (D) said. “He needs to resign from office or he needs to be removed from office.”

We’ve seen the pictures. Mastriano was in D.C. He says, in the second row watching President Trump’s rally and hoping that Congress would stop the certification of electors legally.

“That was derailed by criminal activity and that should have never happened,” Mastriano said. Recent allegations suggest Mastriano did breach the Capitol on January 6. He insists he did not.

“Once I realized all the speaking events were off we left and that’s a darn shame and I was there to cheer on Congress, the House and the Senate not to disrupt it,” Mastriano said. “It’s really jacked up.”

Mastriano says a quarter-million people have called him to question the 2020 election and what’s why he went to Arizona last week to observe an outside audit of the state’s ballots. Governor Wolf tweeted it was no audit.

Mastriano wants a similar audit here.

“If Doug Mastriano is Governor and things turned out not the way I wanted in an election but people had questions, I would open the books on a few counties. Say you know what I disagree with you guys that’s what Governor Wolf should say, I’m gonna be transparent,” Mastriano said.

But Mastriano didn’t like the results of the 2020 Presidential election. And he was the one repeatedly questioning the validity and the process. When enough prominent politicians do that, I asked, aren’t they sowing the seeds of unrest that can spill over?

“We’ve seen some troubling things this year obviously and I’m with you. You do have to be careful about that,” Mastriano said. “I was a moderating force this past year. All the passions, I was always reminding people this is a constitutional republic. It takes time to affect change.”

“Doug Mastriano is an embarrassment to the State of Pennsylvania. Both to the residents of Pennsylvania. He’s an embarrassment to us nationally,” Hughes said.