(WHTM) — Donald Trump lost Pennsylvania, but one of his most ardent supporters believes Donald’s popularity remains strong. In fact, Lou Barletta hopes it will propel him to the Governor’s mansion.

“I just think enough is enough,” Barletta said.

Lou Barletta (R) says he has 14 reasons to run for governor.

“That’s 4 daughters and 10 grandchildren,” Barletta said. “I don’t like the direction Pennsylvania is going.”

Mayor of Hazleton for 10 years and a congressman for eight, Barletta says Governor Wolf has done a terrible job managing the pandemic.

“It was okay to go to a Wal-Mart to buy a bicycle for your children, but you couldn’t go to the local bicycle shop that you were doing business with your entire life,” Barletta said.

He gets much harsher in his campaign video.

“Tom Wolf has blood on his hands for sentencing seniors to die in nursing homes,” Barletta said.

As mayor, Barletta tried to crack down on illegal immigration with controversial ordinances that were called racist and struck down as unconstitutional.

In Congress, he was one of the first to endorse Donald Trump for president.

Will that favor be returned?

“Have you gotten the support of the endorsement of Donald Trump? Have you sought it? I have not. Have you been down Mar-a-Lago? I have not,” Barletta said.

But, he would like it. Despite two impeachments, an electoral loss and an insurrection, Barletta says this about the former President.

State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta (D) is running for U.S. Senate. He says to forget the red state versus the blue state. According to Kenyatta, for the GOP, Pennsylvania is an orange state.

“These are the folks they’re fighting for,” Kenyatta said. “A billionaire who’s in a private club in Florida not for the hard-working Pennsylvanians that desperately need help and that is disgraceful.”

Barletta concedes Joe Biden is in the White House, but will not admit that Donald Trump lost. As Governor, he’d push for tighter election security, especially with mail-in ballots.

“Dead people have been voting in Pennsylvania for a long time. We’ve conceded that but now they don’t even have to go to the polls, Dennis. They can mail in their ballots from the cemetery,” Barletta said.

These are partisan times and Barletta has been a partisan player but says if he is elected, he’ll bridge the partisan divide.

“I raised four daughters,” Barletta said. “I can do it, trust me.”