HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A pandemic regulation involving medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is now a state law after Governor Wolf signed the bill on Wednesday.

“It’s been five years since Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana, and in that time the Department of Health has examined the program’s successes and challenges and made important recommendations on improving the law,” Gov. Wolf said. “This legislation provides important updates to our state’s medical marijuana program to ensure that patients have improved access to medication.”

The regulation lets dispensaries serve patients curbside and dispense up to three months’ worth of the drug at a time. The legislature has now passed a bill to make that permanent. Governor Wolf is expected to sign it.

The legislation also aims to reduce the cost of medical marijuana.

“There’s been a lot of technical and scientific improvements during the last five years and we were able to capture them, put them together in a package and really take a deep hard dive into Act 16 and make sure that we worked out all the kinks,” Meredith Buettner, executive director of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition, said.

A proposal to allow patients to grow marijuana for their own use was defeated.