HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Monday, Pennsylvania state Senators talked about how to make things better for Pa. kids for generations to come.

The public hearing was the second of three, looking at bettering education in Pennsylvania, especially using lessons learned over the past year from the pandemic.

They talked about creating better online learning practices and the need for more educational funding.

“All the increased state support that’s been provided to schools over the past 10 years hasn’t really gone into the classroom for the vast majority of students that school districts are educating. It’s been used, sort of solely to be used, for mandated costs, and even then it wasn’t enough,” said Hannah Barrick, assistant executive director of Pa. Association of School Business Officials. “We had to go to local revenues and local sources.”

The next hearing is on April 23. The Senate education committee will work on legislation, addressing the concerns expressed at all three public hearings.

On April 12, the Pa. state Senate first began their discussion of education reform in the commonwealth, and how to get help for needy families.