HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania brought in more money in April than ever before, just in time for budget negotiations. However, it appears Democratic and Republican lawmakers have different ideas on what to do with the billions.

Pennsylvania collected $6.5 billion in general fund revenue last month, which is a 38.7% overestimate and the most tax revenue ever collected in a single month. According to Governor Tom Wolf’s office, fiscal year-to-date general fund collections total $40.7 billion, which is $4.5 billion overestimate.

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State Budget Secretary Gregory Thall says the commonwealth is looking at an ending balance of $9 billion. Thall says that number does not include the $2.87 billion in the “rainy day fund” or the $2.2 billion in American Rescue Plan money that remains available.

Legislative Republicans fear federal stimulus is painting a picture that the state economy is better than some are making it out to be.

“We need to use the money we have today to plan prudently for the next several fiscal years so, in case the bottom drops out of the economy, we’re not going back to taxpayers to pay more or we’re looking at having to make cuts to government services,” said Jason Gottesman, a state House GOP spokesman.

Gov. Wolf outlines a $1.7 trillion budget proposal earlier this year. He wants more money for schools, tax cuts, workforce development, and to send checks directly to the people.