HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania’s State Government Committee advanced three election-related bills when lawmakers returned to the capitol on Monday.

All the bills now go to the full House for consideration.

House Bill 34 would regulate the transportation of ballots with a “cargo securement procedure” using a transportation container with a numbered security tag that seals the container. The bill would also require a bill of lading showing how, where, and when ballots were transported to.

A poll watcher would also be entitled to know the security tag numbers and location of the stored ballots cast in the election, which are waiting to be counted or stored after counting.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Gary Day (R-Lehigh/Berks) and referred to the State Government Committee on June 22, 2021.

House Bill 143 would require the Department of Health and the Department of State to work together to remove deceased individuals from the voter database. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Russ Diamond (R-Lebanon) would require a process to cross-reference databases once a month looking at first and last names, date of birth, and last four digits of social security numbers.

The process would also update voter registration data from absentee and mail-in ballot applications. Diamond’s bill would also require an update to records when a voter moves to a different county or state.

No registered voters would be removed from the voter roll within 30 days of an election.

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House Bill 2484, sponsored by Rep. Lori Mizgorski (R-Allegheny) would require “a write-in candidate to file a
statement of financial interests within 30 days of having been nominated or elected unless the person declines the nomination or office within that period of time.”

If a write-in candidate is nominated and fails to file a statement of financial interests under this subsection, the write-in candidate shall not appear on the ballot.

“The bills approved by the committee touch on three facets of elections – securing ballots, proper voter registration list maintenance and equality for all candidates in General Elections,” Rep Seth Grove (R-York) said. “Each of these bills play a role in further securing our elections and invoking greater trust in the results.”