HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A group calling themselves “Patriots” met at the Capitol Wednesday to ask lawmakers to end no-excuse mail-in voting.

They signed a declaration demanding an end to Act 77, which allows people to vote by mail without an excuse. They say it leads to fraud and a “broken” election system.

There has been no significant evidence that mail-in voting leads to major voter fraud.

These groups say they want the election system to be what it was before Act 77 was implemented.

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“The Pennsylvania Constitution lists two ways to vote: one is in person and one is absentee with excuse,” said Tabitha Valleau, co-founder of FreePA. “So if someone has a legitimate reason, they are out of the area or physically unable to vote, we would never want to remove someone’s option to be able to vote that way.”

Act 77 is still in place while the state Supreme Court decides whether it is constitutional.