(WHTM) — One of the candidates looking for Republican support in the primary is Melissa Hart

She is a former state senator and congresswoman from western Pennsylvania, and she is running for governor.

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Polls give her low numbers. But, she says that’s because she entered the race late. She is also calling out hardline rhetoric from her G.O.P opponents. She said that’s no recipe for successful governing.

“People saying I’m gonna be the CEO of Pennsylvania or I’m gonna hold the legislature accountable. You have to respect the legislature if you’re the governor or you’re not gonna get anything done otherwise. You’re supposed to be a team working for the people of Pennsylvania to get things done. I’ve proven I can do that and build coalitions across party lines,” Hart said.

Hart is the only woman and only western Pennsylvania G.O.P candidate in the race for governor. She will be joining Dennis Owens on this week’s episode of This Week in Pennsylvania.