HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Recent polling shows a close battle in the race for Pennsylvania governor.

Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro and his party have already spent millions attacking Doug Mastriano and now Republicans are joining in, too.

The Republican Accountability PAC recently launched a campaign called “Republican Voters Against Mastriano.”

It’s a group of current and former Republicans and Conservatives who think Mastriano is too extreme for Pennsylvania.

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“We think that Doug Mastriano is one of the biggest threats to democracy,” said Gunner Ramer, political director of the Republican Accountability PAC.

Ramer is looking to defeat Mastriano in the fall.

“The idea of overturning a free and fair election, I can’t think of anything less constitutional than that. And Doug Mastriano after the November election in 2020, leading up to January 6 was one of the worst actors,” Ramer said.

The PAC is running ads across the Commonwealth, including one featuring a Lancaster County voter named Jim who said “I think Doug Mastriano is one of the scariest politicians I have seen.”

Joe Blake of Bethlehem is a former Republican who voted a straight GOP ticket in almost every election from 1968 to 2014. He didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020.

“I thought the confusion about who won the election was going to lead to big trouble and I didn’t no longer wanted to be associated with what I thought to be a party that was totally ‘Trumped,'” Blake said.

Blake says Mastriano is “living in a delusional world.”

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“He doesn’t understand the meaning of the word compromise. He doesn’t understand that you can’t impose a positions that are not supported by a majority of the people in the state of Pennsylvania,” Blake said.

Jeffrey Lord, an outspoken Trump supporter and Republican analyst didn’t vote for Mastriano in the primary but will support him in the fall.

“My view is, if you support a candidate in the primary and the candidate loses, you support the winner,” Lord said.

What does he say to those who think Mastriano is dangerous?

“I remember when they said this about Ronald Reagan. I remember when they said this about Donald Trump. I mean this this goes on and there’s much more to it here. It’s the establishment versus those not in the establishment,” Lord said.

One thing is certain: There is no certainty.

“This is July, all kinds of things can happen between July and November,” Lord said. “So I don’t know the outcome. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t think of predicting it. Just buckle in and get lots of popcorn.”

abc27 did reach out to Doug Mastriano and his campaign and did not hear back.

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