HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi says he will embark on a statewide listening tour amid a stalemate in the State House.

Rozzi says the goal of his listening tour will be “to address partisan gridlock and deliver justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.”

Upon being elected speaker and pledging to be an Independent, Rozzi pledged not to take up any legislation until the House passed a constitutional amendment to open a window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to file a civil lawsuit.

With no movement in the house on passing rules or the amendment, Rozzi created a bipartisan working group of lawmakers to pass the legislation necessary to get the State House moving.

“To help us break this gridlock, I have decided to seek the counsel of those most often neglected: the people of Pennsylvania,” said Rozzi.

The speaker invited the working group to join him on the listening tour with the hope that “we will have a clear idea on how best to heal the divides in Harrisburg, what a fair set of House rules should include, and a plan to finally get survivors of childhood sexual assault the justice and truth that they so desperately deserve.”

Details on when and where the listening tour will visit were not immediately made available by the speaker’s office.

Since being sworn in as speaker, Rozzi has not held any public press conferences and has faced calls to step down.

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