Val’s Kid: Shadiamond

Val's Kids

Shadiamond is smart and engaging. The teen loves to read, especially poetry, so spent some time at Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg. Shadiamond sings in a choir and enjoys soccer. She is a great student, often making the honor. Her goal is to be a clinical psychologist.

But first, she’s looking for a family that will stick by her. “I’m really down for anything just as long as they are caring and respectful and they are just opened minded,” Shadiamond said. “She is credibly smart. She is very easy to hang out with spend time with. She is really engaged with what’s going on the in the world,” Katie Juliana, adoption worker said. Shadiamond is very close to her grandfather and recently started visitation with an aunt. Shadiamond would like to maintain those relationships after her adoption.

For more information on Shadiamond and post-permanency services, call 800-858-7926.

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