(WHTM) — Loveable, happy, caring and helpful are the words this week’s Val’s Kid, Amanda, used to describe herself.

“She is just a joyful girl. She always has a smile on her face. She loves talking to you. She’s super outgoing, super kind. She has a huge heart she has a lot of friends. She is always fun to be around,” said Victoria Paradise, Amanda’s Child Specific Recruiter.

Amanda likes shopping for shoes and dresses. Amanda also shared her favorite television show, SpongeBob!

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Amanda also likes all things Disney and when it comes to making her dreams come true:

“We are looking for a strong female role model. Someone who could give that motherly love and attention Amanda needs,” Madison Master, Older Child Matching Initiative Recruiter said.

“My wish for her is to have a consistent, loving, supportive home because she really deserves that. She needs a family.” Paradise said.