(WHTM)– Wednesday’s Val’s kid is a young girl who has a plan for her future, and now all she needs is a loving forever family.

Bella loves animals so she spent some time at Zoo America in Hershey where she met a tortoise and learned all about him.

Bella does well in school. She is a strong reader and when it comes to career choices…

“Police officer is one of them,” Bella said. “I do want to go to beauty school. I do want to work with special needs kids.”

“Bella is just very resilient,” Permanency Specialist Kiersten Heffelfinger said. “She has a good sense of humor, and she’s always open to try new things or to talk to someone whenever we’re around. She’s very social.”

Bella is creative and shares what she can draw.

“So pretty much anything, whatever comes to my mind,” Bella said.

 “My wish for Bella is just to see her, happy to see her through five and grow, to be whatever she wants to be,” Heffelfinger said.

For more information on Bella and the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network, including post-permanency services, call 1-800-585-7926 or visit their website.