(WHTM) — Engaging and passionate, words used to describe Dashawn.

Dashawn’s favorite sport is basketball, and he is very good at it. Dashawn’s goal is play for the Golden State Warriors.

In the meantime, tips from a pro will help. Harlem Globetrotter Chris Handles Franklin and Dashawn hit the hardwood inside the Salvation Army Harrisburg’s gym.

Dashawn is very active, and when he is not shooting hoops you may find him playing football, bike riding, or hanging out in the great outdoors.

Dashawn is very bright. “I’m good at other games but connect 4 is like one of my games that I play all the time,” Dashawn said.

“He’s actually a very strategic person when it comes to games. He’s an excellent connect 4 player. I think he would make a great chess player, or you know any families that play any other strategic board games,” said Katie Juliana, Dashawn’s Older Child Matching Initiative Recruiter.

Franklin handed out some strategic advice to Dashawn. “One of them be the best that you can be and that means like do best that you can at everything. The second one was getting your education in case something else happens and you can’t do basketball or something and the third one is always believe in yourself and believe in your dreams,” he said.

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“We just really want to find a family for Dashawn. He wants to be in a family. That’s been a long desire of his, so he wants to find the right family and we want to find it for him,” said Juliana.

Dashawn has a younger brother and it’s important that he finds a family committed to supporting the relationship. Dashawn also loves dogs and hopes his forever family will too.