(WHTM) — Meet Elijah, who is described as curious and polite.

Elijah spent some time at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg.

“He loves anime, he loves drawing,” said Katie Juliana, an Older Child Matching Initiative worker.

Elijah sketched an eagle and also enjoys learning and fitness.

Some of Elijah’s favorite books include, “Kingdom Keepers, Holes, Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” said Elijah.

Elijah is excited to look take college courses soon, and he hopes to find a family that will guide him to his next phase in life.

“We are looking for a family that is going to help him find the independence that he is looking for. He has a huge goal of living on his own, having a job, so we are looking for a family that can help him find that path,” said Juliana.