(WHTM) — Jason loves animals, especially snakes. So off to Zoo American to meet one firsthand.

“Jason is a really cool kid he is super creative and constantly showing me new tattoo designs. He is very interested in getting a tattoo. Definitely artistic, he’s our outdoor type of kid. He wants to talk about hiking and camping and survivalist things and then turn around and sitting on the couch and watch a movie.” Jason’s Casework Shannon Underwood said.

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“I also love horror movies, I find them very interesting,” Jason said.

When  it comes to a permanent family, “If I were to be with a family, I would love to spend some family time camping and probably have more fun,” Jason said.

Jason, who describes himself as kind and generous, wants to be an actor one day.

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“My wish for Jason is that he would find a family that could support him into adulthood as he is in a transition time in his life he is really going to need to be there for him,” Underwood added.