Val’s Kids: Jazmin

Val's Kids

Jazmin is an energetic, young lady who has a passion for music and enjoys the great outdoors.

She likes to keep busy with art and craft projects and is always open to a new adventure.

“I always go outside, I always play board games,” Jazmin said.

“She has always said that she wants a family that will just take her in and love her. Those are like Jazmin’s words. She just wants a family that will love her, so I think a family that is able to give her the support and the structure that she needs. I think Jazmin would really thrive,” Keri Jobes Jazmin’s Older Matching Initiative Recruiter Permanency Social Worker said.

Jazmin’s favorite food is mac-and-cheese. Jazmin would also like to join a sports team to play soccer, volleyball or basketball once she settles in with her adoptive family.

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