(WHTM) — Helpful and hardworking are terms used to describe Jenny.

“I’ve known Jenny for about two and a half years now, and she is one of my favorite kids. She’s a terrific girl. She’s got a great sense of humor,” Dr. Carolyn Bruey who knows Jenny said. Jenny has an entire team rooting for her to find a forever family.

“She’s really honest. One of the great things about her and what makes her one of my favorite kids is she’s an equal opportunity person, she treats everybody the same,” Michelle Williams, a behavior consultant said. “One of my colleagues who used to work with me said that Jenny captures the heart of anyone who takes time to know her. Having her in my life has changed my outlook in so many things. She’s a very special girl.”

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Jenny loves to sing — “Let It Go” is one of her favorite songs along with other Disney classics. She also enjoys long walks, playground time, crafts, and board games.

“She has a lot of strong points,” Jenny’s teacher Justine Metzger said, like “her determination and her ability to overcome challenges.”

“She really isn’t afraid to try new things,” Metzger added.

The wish for Jenny is to find her a forever family that “can love her for who she is. And she’s lovable, and she will love you back,” Nelly Velez, Jenny’s child-specific recruitment worker, said.