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Keshawn is an open-minded teen who is looking forward to experiencing new adventures with his forever. This young man has a wonderful imagination and is passionate about comic book writing. He expresses his creativity through his art.

“What I like to do, is a lot of stuff with nature and fun in general like active, like going for hikes and camping, riding bikes and basketball anything that’s active and during the summer I like to go swimming on rides those are really fun for me and I like playing board games video games and game that involves other people. One of my goals in life is to accomplish being a motivational speaker. I just want to show kids there is always hope and never give up,” Keshawn said.

“He does well in school. He gets along with all of his peers and his teachers and he seems to excel in school his favorite subject is art. He’s very creative and loves drawing,” Brenda Corbett, Keshawn’s Permanency Specialist said. Keshawn is looking for a one or two-parent family and would like to be the only child or the youngest in the family.

For more information about Keshawn and post-permanency services, call 800-858-7926.

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