(WHTM) — This week’s Val’s Kid is Kiara. A resilient young lady who loves to make others laugh. Kiara loves to play cards and listen to music.

Kiara also hopes to have pets in her forever-family home. Kiara’s career interests include “police officer, a doctor or a nurse,” she said.

“We are looking for a family who will just give her that one on one support that she really needs, the one on one attention, she thrives really well in an environment that can give her that,” Sarah Strachan, Older Child Matching Initiative Recruiter, said. “A family that can give her unconditional love and really stick by her during these hard times and the good times.”

“She just really values consistency in people having a consistent committed family she would really do well in an environment like that,” Strachan said.

Kiara’s recruiter also says the teen loves to dance and is easy going. Kiara also really cares about the people in her life.