HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Kiara is a resilient teen who is looking for a forever home.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is fun for Kiara. She even made her own custom candy bar. Kiara enjoys playing card games, arts and crafts, and boxing lessons.

“I like to dance a lot and I like to listen to music. I like mostly Disney movies and dancing movies,” Kiara said.

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Kiara is an avid learner who likes to hit the books.”She loves school, she said that on the way here, I asked her favorite subject and she said all of them.” Kiara’s Older Child Matching Initiative Recruiter Abigail Ramsauer said.

The teen has chosen her future career. ” A phlebotomist,” Kiara shared.

“Kiara is very excited to find her forever family. We are really looking for a family that is committed that will love her unconditionally take her on fun adventures provide for her needs and help her as she enters her older needs. I really hope we can find a family she can spend the holidays with.,” Ramsauer said.

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Kiara volunteers for two nonprofit organizations and thrives in her community.