(WHTM) — Michael’s personality and soul shine bright.

“I’ve always got a smile on my face. I try to be positive  I never know if somebody else is having a bad day and my smile may make a difference to them,” Michael, who wants to be adopted said.

“Michael  has such a great outlook on life. He is very goal driven. He’s focused on a future he wants for himself.” Kelsey Lowre, Placement Case Worker said.

Michael is an excellent student. “I am also a leader. I try to be a role model by example to my peers.” Michael said. He also loves sports.

“I am an athlete so. I love soccer, basketball, and I’m always trying to my teammates first and put us in a place to accomplish our goals,” Michael said.

The teen is looking forward to going to college. ” My dream. I want to be a sports analyst,” Michael said.

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“What I really like about him is he is extrodianrly honest , He’s open and very communicative about his feelings.” Ashley Kubala, Permeancy Specialist said.

Michael wants a family to know this about him:

“People that see me for being me, people I can be myself around no matter what, and people that are going to support me with my decisions. People that are going to keep it real with me. If I mess up, tell me about it, but if I do a good job, also tell me about it.” Michael said.

“Michael is open to any kind of family, he just wants that love and support for people who are going to be there for him, the good the bad,” Mandy Somerville, Older Child Matching Initiative recruiter said.”

“I would say I’m a very resilient kid. I’m going to take whatever life throws at me and make the best out of it no matter what,” Michael said.