If you are looking for alternative ways to watch abc27 and the ABC network, we’re here to help. Below is a list of options. If you have a question, email kblaisdell@abc27.com.


Digital antennas are available for purchase. If you have a VHF TV antenna at your home, there is no charge to receive abc27.

VHF TV Indoor Antennas:

— Indoor antennas are used to view local TV stations and the station’s sub-channels. For example, you can view our main abc27 channel on 27.1.

Our sub-channels are:

  • 27.2 – ION
  • 27.3 – GRIT
  • 27.4 – Laff

Indoor antennas are inexpensive and easy to install. However, depending on your location, an indoor antenna may not be strong enough to receive our station and other local TV stations. Also, they do not provide a consistent signal.

VHF TV Outdoor Antennas:

— Just like indoor antennas, outdoor antennas are used to view local TV stations and the station’s sub-channels.

— VHF TV Outdoor antennas are more reliable than indoor antennas, but they are more expensive and usually require professional installation.

— It is best to mount an Outdoor VHF TV antenna as high as possible – preferably near a rooftop.

Selecting the Proper VHF TV Antenna

— To help you select the best VHF TV antenna for your home, we have provided links below. We suggest you pick a VHF TV antenna one level up from the recommendation to assure the best reception in your home.

— The VHF TV antenna type varies greatly by your geographic location from our transmitter tower near Enola, Cumberland County. Generally, the further you are from our transmitter, the larger the antenna needed.

  • CLICK HERE to view helpful antenna selection background information.
  • CLICK HERE to select a VHF TV antenna.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Enter your ZIP Code or full address
Step 3:
Read over the stations and antenna types information

If you have a specific question in your area, feel free to email us at kblaisdell@abc27.com.

Why VHF vs. UHF TV Antenna?

— Although you receive our station on channel 27, abc27/WHTM is transmitted over the air on channel 10, which is a VHF station. When you do an over the air scan on your TV, we are identified as 27.1.

— For more information on the background of TV transmission and recent changes, please CLICK HERE to be directed to the FCC site.


— All abc27 newscasts are streamed live on abc27.com at no charge.

— Most ABC network programs are available on-demand at abc.com. You will need to select your TV provider and sign in to watch.


Depending on where you live, other cable and satellite providers may be an option or you could select a live streaming service.

Cable Companies

Comcast/Xfinity – 1-800-266-2278

Verizon FIOS – 1-855-881-8802

Blue Ridge – 1-800-222-5377

Satellite Companies

DirecTV – 1-888-777-2454

Dish Network – 1-800-333-3474

Live Streaming

abc27 and all of our programming stream live on YouTubeTV and Hulu Live. Each of these services is often available for a free trial period.


Hulu Live

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